CORETRA Limited has built its expertise over the years and supported leading entities to refine the effectiveness of their value chain. We have successfully optimized business processes with excellent cost reduction execution. We help our clients to redefine service delivery models and hence boost the Customer Experience. Our efficiency in operations will help your organization in business transformations for efficient supply Chain, Procurement, and all front-office, and back-office initiatives. In Operations management consulting projects, we lay a support system for effective client operations with enhanced functional business processes, operating models, and efficient management systems. We believe in synergistic operations & interactions and in the process encourage company departments and functional areas to avoid the disease of Strategic Schizophrenia.

Synergy is simply the 1+1=3 effect or 2+2=5 effect. This means that the sum total of working jointly produces a better result than working alone and later accessing output from lone ranger operations. CORETRA Ltd trainings in terms of synergy creations are available. We have seen trainings in synergy and strategic thinking eliminate the problem of SILO mentality in the operations of most of the organizations we have consulted for.


During a pandemic as the COVID-19 that has hit the businesses' profitability and redefined the way business is done...

From a functional perspective, CORETRA CONSULTANTS exists to empower businesses to achieve operational excellence

At CORETRA CONSULTANTS, we are not limited to operations and strategy consulting. At the client’s disposal..

We advance strategy to streamline supply-side activities across the full value chain. The clients finally experience...

CORETRA CONSULTANTS offers a big hand in research based sourcing and procurement.

CORETRA CONSULTANTS provide organizations with financial advisory services. Organizations that seek...

CORETRA CONSULTANTS focuses on improving operational performance by optimizing a company's business processes.

We exist to research and develop business innovations.

We support our clients in delegating responsibilities and activities to third parties by designing and building blueprints of outsourcing.