Production efficiency and quality are the main goals of automotive manufacturers. Like revenue, the added value in production will increase in the upcoming years. However, regional priorities will change, and the growing complexity and variety of vehicles will increasingly challenge production requirements.

As vehicles become more complex, so do the requirements for production and supply chains. The strong shift in production in recent years towards emerging markets will continue. The bulk of new production capacity will be built in China, India, Mexico, Eastern Europe, and South America. Still, capacity continues to expand in traditional locations due to wide productivity improvements, and traditional production regions remain competitive. Quality requirements continue to rise, offering an immense challenge to all disciplines from development, engineering, purchasing, and ultimately production.

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Car and Van Manufacturers

Light vehicles remain a sustainably growing and highly competitive segment. The ever increasing number of models and derivatives, along with the constant pressure on operating and capital expenses, drives manufacturers to increase both the flexibility and standardization of equipment and processes.

Commercial Vehicles

The global market for trucks and commercial vehicles, while historically very cyclical, has high growth potential in the medium- to long-term. If manufacturers want to benefit from this growth, they must act globally and construct intelligent product packages tailored to the needs of individual customer groups.