CORETRA CONSULTANTS provide organizations with financial advisory services. Organizations that seek credibility on the maturity of the finance organization, come to us for finance transformations. We come on board to assist organizations to enhance reporting to the appropriate stakeholders in order to support decision-making. We achieve this through business intelligence models, data management, and financial dashboards. Our team also engages in the target operating model development and financial planning. This includes the enhancement of management and capital budgeting. We analyze and develop a strategy with clear financial expectations in mergers & acquisitions. Our Implementation services focus on improving the performance of financial processes. We are strategic enablers of enterprise performance with finance functions that define and measure the value, capabilities, and performances of world-leading corporates. We are a dynamic collaborative business partner with fresh and segregated approaches to achieve winning finance operations and financiers where necessary.

Cost Transformation

Many managers think of cost reduction as discretionary spending freezes reduction of the staff. However organizations cannot cut enough through this process.  CONTRA CONSULTANTS provide strategically designed service delivery model for cost optimization. Cost transformation is supposed to enhance better customer experience without compromising quality. Your organization does not have to lose its command and strength to reduce cost. We provide a complete strategy customized for your organization to sustainably cut costs without losing growth.

Solutions we provide;

  • Our team takes keen analysis on comprehensive cost incurred within the  cash-flow and pick point the points that require adjustment
  • We support organizations by building Collaborative means of cost transfer within the chain
  • We reevaluate service delivery strategies that would save most resources without compromising quality and customer satisfaction.
  • We build business process improvement programs  that Meet enterprise objectives for driving and achieving profitable growth
  • We systemise the organization cash Release within sustainable cash flow management practices
  • We Identify and mitigate business risks within well-structured shared services within global business services organizations
  • Strategize the organisation for outsourcing services as means to costs reduction and redirect savings to higher-value activities
  • We revaluate your costing by benchmarking it among leading corporates to identify opportunities of cost reduction.