CORETRA CONSULTANTS offers a big hand in research-based sourcing and procurement. We support improving the sourcing cost and supplier relationship management. We enhance the organization’s contracting terms suppliers and where necessary engage to manage interaction with suppliers. We conduct a spend analysis in order to find synergies that result in improved direct and indirect procurement operations. This has translated our client with an upper hand transition to a greener procurement portfolio. They have built a supply system that is highly cost-saving. In the long run, businesses build competence procurement that is both strategic and profitable. Our strategic sourcing thrives in conventional priorities of reducing or even avoiding purchase costs and ensuring higher divides for the stakeholders.

What we can achieve for you


  •   We carry out sourcing analytics and lay out strategic sourcing towards effective cost saving decisions
  •   We find a variety of offer from the best suppliers and narrow down together with our client to pinpoint the best choice for value
  •   We edge out the counterfeit and source direct material customized to the value of our client without unnecessary costs.
  •   We manage the supplier relationship to minimize risk as well as manage the performance process in our clients favor.We find a variety


  • We provide procurement operating models that guide the organizational models and processes that govern the procedures of value against cost.
  • We execute the procurement operation plan per Category setting strategy and management in sourcing within expected budgets.
  • We diligently review supplier performance for proper implementation guide through the process up to the point of examining the consumer response.
  • Our systems loop strategic sourcing to finance and program management so as to align them on a structured program to attain measurable outcomes.
  • We provide complex procurement support with digital procurement and source-to-pay solutions so that the processes are traced at  every level.
  • We provide support developing and negotiating the supplier in the contract management process for product value realization in the favorable deal possible.
  • We simplify the organizations procurement transformation for comprehensive proficiency hence a focused workforce fitting into an easier process.