How we help

CORETRA’s senior executive team delivers the industry insight and strategic perspective required to address critical business issues. Our collaborative, project-based approach is designed to build client capabilities by providing senior executives with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to address specific pain points and move forward with confidence.

To complement the deep industry experience of our team, we employ seasoned executives from major healthcare enterprises who have “been there and done that” and lend real-world, hands-on perspective to relevant engagements. And our heritage as a strategic advisor supporting mergers and acquisitions (M&A) has been instrumental in honing our process that combines unmatched analytical rigor, detailed analysis, and rapid execution.

Some of the ways we help leading healthcare services organizations include:

  • Enabling growth and new business development: We work closely with clients to assess new markets, prioritize strategic growth opportunities, develop business plans and commercial models, and codify implementation roadmaps to reduce costs and improve healthcare outcomes and quality, while creating shareholder value.
  • Developing strategies in response to changing regulations: We assist clients in developing unique solutions to address an evolving marketplace by leveraging our in-depth understanding of policy, empirical and fact-based insights, and a detailed analysis of a client’s capabilities and assets.
  • Driving innovation: We empower clients to transform ideas into new industry models. We demonstrate the ability to “move the needle” on quality and cost trends through thoughtful research, clear articulation and refinement of the value proposition, and a practical approach to integrating new solutions into the healthcare delivery value chain.
  • Enhancing social and healthcare delivery models: We collaborate with clients to define models for technologies, products and services to meet increasing demand for preventive healthcare in primary, acute, home and social care settings.
  • Capitalizing on the emerging healthcare “retail” market: CORETRA supports clients along the value chain (including payers, benefit managers and care providers) to create robust strategies to enhance revenues, identify new market opportunities and provide consumers with innovative solutions. We combine consumer research with quantitative analysis of growth and profitability, modeling of adoption rates, and other market dynamics.
  • Improving operational effectiveness: Our hands-on expertise with payers, providers and other constituents enables us to work closely with senior executives and line management to diagnose issues and develop and implement performance improvement plans. We have deep experience across the healthcare value chain in functions such as sales and marketing, customer service and retention, revenue cycle, medical management and clinical operations, and finance.
  • Evaluating M&A opportunities: We have deep expertise in advising strategic and financial investors to identify high-yield investment opportunities. Our commercial due diligence efforts also feature post-acquisition strategy and integration services to optimize the value of portfolio companies.