How we help

Our work in the agribusiness sector and food industry sustainability cuts across every aspect of agriculture, as well as private sector support focusing on improving the capabilities of producers, accumulators, and processors positioned to meet the demand of the world’s expanding population.

Coretra works with agribusiness industry players and stakeholders of small to medium domestic agribusinesses to large multinational organizations — to address global concerns involving commodity/specialty crop, animal protein, and aquaculture value chains, including agricultural inputs, equipment and machinery, large-scale farming, processing/milling/refining, logistics, and distribution.

Coretra agribusiness professionals have extensive experience in assisting participants — from stakeholders of small to medium domestic agribusinesses to large multinational organizations — to address global concerns. We understand the political and economic trends that impact the industry and have a proven track record across a wide variety of agricultural sectors, from the farm gate, along with the supply chain performance (both formal and informal), to the end processors. Our core areas of focus span across:

    • Crops & Livestock Production
    • Food Security Nutrition
    • Policy Advice
    • Value Chain Approach
    • Climate Smart Agriculture
    • Food Safety
    • Public Private Partnership
    • Marketing and Trade
    • ICT in Agriculture


We have successfully optimized business processes with excellent cost reduction execution.

Business innovation is no longer just about getting ahead of the competition — it’s about survival.

Restructuring your company could restore its viability and improve its liquidity position.


Growth strategy development

Smallholder households will benefit from more productive, integrated crop-livestock farming systems, increased turnover and income, reduced risk and increased food security.

M&A strategy and transaction support

Disciplined, repeatable model that addresses four critical capabilities: target selection, investment thesis, value creation, and risk mitigation.

Go-to-market commercial strategy and execution

Having a go-to-market strategy helps you keep reality in check, helps you address and navigate the less-exciting bits that are still fundamental to your success, and gives you the foundation needed to weather the inevitable unexpected storms.

Business performance improvement

Improved market chain performance (both formal and informal) and implications for pricing policies.

Strategy activation/execution

Solid and comprehensive strategy activation will give you a framework for measuring your progress along the way, and help you detect and diagnose any issues that are hampering your success before they have the chance to run your venture into the ground.