CORETRA Ltd supports and engages in CSR activities relating to the poor, the vulnerable, women, widows and widowers, environment, clean rivers, lakes and oceans, the youth and the sick, and emergencies. CORETRA Ltd also supports students who pursue different academic studies.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is our model for regulating our operations and for helping our organization to be socially accountable—to itself, its stakeholders, the public, and to other stakeholders in the world including our Consulting Associates. By practicing corporate social responsibility, which is also known as Corporate Citizenship, CORETRA Ltd can remain conscious of the impact of its operations on all the aspects affecting society, including Political, Economic, Social-Cultural, Technological, Environmental/Ecological, Legal, and Ethical (PESTELE) factors.


This Academy is an initiative of two highly experienced Kenyan Educations. These are:

  1. Prof. Peter M. Lewa, PhD (UK); MSocSc. (UK); B. Com (Hons) UON; Dip. Marketing (UK); Dip. Purchasing & Supply (UK); Dip.SM; CIM (UK); CIPS (UK); Cert. in Leadership (Singapore); Cert. in Agriculture (DSE) Germany; Cert. TOT (ESAMI); Cert. TOT (KIA/KSG)
  2. Dr. Susan Katinda Mutuku Ndambuki, PhD (DeKUT); MA (USIU); Bed (Hons) UON; Dip. HRM (UK)

The Academy is a Digital learning platform focused on various areas of business, academia, professional training and community development.