We work alongside public servants who understand the powerful impacts and unique challenges associated with public and social sector initiatives. We bring expertise to customers in government, education and nonprofit organizations. We partner together and provide leadership and the ability to transform strategies into reality for their largest and most complex initiatives. 

How we help

Demystifying Operational Efficiency

Faced with the growing demand for services and reduced budget allocations, operations in the public and social sectors are challenged to do more with less. Utilizing lean methodologies and other operational process improvement approaches, we work closely with public sector agencies to improve service and lower costs.

Modernizing Platforms

Technology changes have created the enormous potential that we help our public sector customers leverage to modernize aging, complex, and highly customized IT infrastructures. We serve as objective advisers to provide IT advisory including vendor selection, process improvement, organizational effectiveness and change management, and project leadership throughout implementation.

Driving Real Change

The ever-changing regulatory landscape requires adapting and delivering new programs that serve the community and constituencies. As organizations move to value-based purchasing in healthcare and standards-based education, we help our customers create strategic plans, develop change management capabilities to support staff, and allocate the tools to realize mission-driven objectives and generate impact in the world.