How we Help

Most establishments spend a fortune on sales and marketing, they spend so much that they cannot be able to justify their results. An excellent sales and marketing strategy must make sense within budget limits and ensure a good Return on investment (ROI). CORETRA CONSULTANTS ensure a compact structure of both your sales strategy and marketing strategy as an effective bond for the realization of a growing profit. The dynamism of the current sales and marketing culture is evolving with every turn of the day. Customers are more informed and carry out their own research before choosing the product and service to buy; customer expectations are higher than ever before and repeat buys are harder to maintain today.
Our consultancy provides your organization with expertise and the frameworks to build the realization of your client’s specific needs. We engage intensely to help redefine and execute a workable strategic plan that ensures highly driven sales and marketing systems and teams with insight to create excellent customer value. Through training and models, we empower your company systems and its subsequent chain to deliver amusing experiences while streamlining processes and eradicating unnecessary costs. By engaging CORETRA CONSULTANTS, you will be ensured of happy investors who achieve their ROI, satisfied customers, and motivated employees. We will further assist you to build demand for your business through strategies that increase your sales performance with existing customers while creating new opportunities.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Through our years of consistent research, we are equipped to provide a clear understanding of your customer needs and expectations.
  • We offer effective solutions that ensure constant growth with existing clients and winning new businesses.
  • We facilitate drive and strategies that influence Improved customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Sales growth

  • We not only drive your current products but also the reinvention of new products and markets that ensure sales growth progress
  • Develop models and strategies that drive your products in a profitable, sustainable and relevant position in the marketplace.

Brand mastery Strategy

  • Through engagement and reviews, we provide expertise in assessing the exact problem and situation of the business.
  • We develop strategies and models of business that ensure sales drive with a measurable return on investment.
  •  We provide the most contemporary marketing tools and support for business ideal progress.
  • We enhance your brand recognition in the marketplace, sustained loyalty to your product while shielding sales growth

Sales pipeline strategy

  • We offer expertise in cultivating and administering an unwavering sales conduit with constant customer engagement.
  • We offer solutions and support models that ensure a steady pipeline flow while safeguarding sales targets.
  • We circumnavigate your competitor’s marketing systems and come up with solutions for marketing your business products, raising it up the scale.

Marketing leads

  • Our expertise will attract a strong and reliable tide of marketing leads for you in a fast-changing market
  • Our model solutions will position you for increased leads and sales translation rates
  • We develop solutions that facilitate convenient customer communications hence making you a leading preference to them.

Return on investment (ROI)

Many organizations lose unjustifiable resources on marketing. We assist in developing budgeting and marketing resourcing in line with the buyer's journey.

We offer Approaches that ensure accessible return on investment marketing that grows your business.

  • We study your chain and offer solutions that shorten the sale circle for the certainty of a  measurable Return on investment (ROI)
  • To ensure prime ROI return on investment, we proposition coordinated and integrated marketing strategy to drive your sales.

Marketing staff satisfaction

  • We use our expertise and experience to identify training and operational needs within your organization.
  • We demystify a harmonized and reliable communication model from the boardroom to the staff room and horizontally across the organizations
  • Our engagement ensure staff training for Improving job efficiencies while improving their motivation & loyalty
  • Customized training for staff at different levels to enhance them through guidance and coaching.