We help market-leading education institutions drive innovation in a sector that is unique and continuously evolving.

From enhancing strategic development to achieving operational excellence, we combine in-depth knowledge of the educational sector with proven best practices and the latest data-driven tools to help clients meet their greatest challenges.

How we Help

Clients engage us to:

  • Identify and characterize opportunities. With sustainable growth and profitability as strategic imperatives, we provide an aggregated overview of both regional and global education markets, local market demand, and the competitive landscape. This helps reveal commercial opportunities and relationships, which is an essential step in establishing and strengthening regional and global presence.
  • Assess potential investments. There’s a rapidly growing appetite for investment in the education sector, which has proved to be one of the most resilient industries. At the same time, more education companies are using acquisitions as a way to scale. We work closely with our private equity and corporate clients throughout the transaction cycle. Our support ranges from identifying attractive companies to performing commercial due diligence, increasing portfolio company value growth, and providing exit support.
  • Define winning strategies. We help clients transform unique insights into actionable, tactical initiatives that are in line with their goals and objectives. We accomplish this by conducting a deep-dive market assessment, using powerful analytics, and combining an understanding of local markets with global trends in the education industry.
  • Evaluate key areas for potential growth. We assess opportunities for clients aiming to increase their offerings via expansion into adjacent education subsectors such as edtech. We also help clients create a business plan for new opportunities, taking into account specific objectives and priorities.
  • Create value from the ecosystem. We tap into our partnerships across the education network — in innovation, talent, capital, and impact. Our deep global network puts us in a unique position to support our clients in strategy development, private equity investments, mergers and acquisitions, and other areas.


We advise clients on challenging factors, including slowing enrollments, increasing-price sensitivity, reduced state funding, their necessarily fixed-cost base, and the trend toward online learning.

We offer strategic advice to senior management, boards of directors, and private equity investors in corporate training and lifelong learning.

We support clients on a range of professional certification programs, including cybersecurity awareness.

We advise employers on a range of human capital issues, including talent recruiting strategies, working with intermediaries to solve the skills gap, and on developing talent internally.