Professor of Management & Strategy; Certified Mediator, Consultant, Trainer & Researcher in the Development Field & in the commercial sector

Peter M. Lewa has extensive working experience in both the public and private sectors. He has been in research, teaching, and consultancy for 30 years.

He has substantial in Public sector finance, Monitoring & Evaluation of projects in both the public sector and private sector; Strategic planning; Global Strategy, Trading blocks, International trade, curriculum development & evaluation; evaluation of new university applications with CUE (CHE); transformational leadership development, the establishment of new universities; performance contracting in the public sector, performance management in the private sector, and in related issues.

He worked in the government for a total of 16 years up to 1997. Over time he has gained immense experience working with NGOs, industry and public corporations in such diverse areas as Monitoring & Evaluation of projects and programs, Strategic planning, Strategic thinking, Value-Based Marketing, Public Procurement, Supplies management, Institution & Capacity Building, Leadership Development, Quality Management and Assurance, Projects management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Community mobilization and training, Team management, Consensus building, Communications, Governance, Corporate social responsibility, Health management, Reproductive health, Policy, Food security and policy, Water management, Poverty alleviation, General management, Participatory management, Stakeholder management, Community Asset Management, Intersectoral synergies and Coordination of projects, Development administration and Training.

He has had the opportunity to work as a consultant for international agencies and overseas universities and institutions. Related experiences include writing proposals, presenting papers at international professional conferences, supervising graduate students, community development, grant-funded applied research projects, and development of interdisciplinary studies programs. He has assisted organizations within and outside Kenya to develop their strategic plans, Business plans, and Action Plans geared towards building their capacities. He has traveled widely and has been to such countries as the UK, German, the US, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Austria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

Professor Peter Lewa has supervised several doctoral students.


Why would you want to hire Coretra Ltd consultants?

Good consultants bring years of specialized expertise in their field, combined with a perspective of having worked on similar assignments at other firms. We look at every assignment with fresh eyes and make an unpopular recommendation (backed with data) that would have been political suicide for anyone in the organization to suggest it.


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