A result-driven professional with progressive management career skilled at developing and executing targeted initiatives that drive change-oriented programs, leadership, and team development. Highly effective administrator, researcher, team leader & trainer, with proven confidence and trust.Strong record of helping institutions develop plans, projects, and programs. A track record of providing advice to organizations on strategic planning to ensure convergence with stakeholder expectations and the broader national policy frameworks. A keen follower of the rapidly changing global dynamics in the fields of management, research, business strategies, development philosophies, and poverty alleviation strategies.


Why would you want to hire Coretra Ltd consultants?

Good consultants bring years of specialized expertise in their field, combined with a perspective of having worked on similar assignments at other firms. We look at every assignment with fresh eyes and make an unpopular recommendation (backed with data) that would have been political suicide for anyone in the organization to suggest it.


Available Appointments on June 17, 2024

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