We are insurance-specialists innovation practitioners, helping insurers to bring new ideas to market in the shortest time possible. Our three-step framework provides the platform for insurers to move from ideation to piloting, and to scale.

Amid a digital revolution, the insurance industry continues to face other unprecedented challenges like regulations, structural overcapacity, and investment returns. We help organizations to develop an execution plan that will cut across existential considerations to digital transformation, changing consumer behaviors, the evolution of distribution models and industry consolidation, an increasing regulatory squeeze, participation choices in various stages of a changing value chain, and to a renewed focus on customer-centered thinking.

How we help

We partner with brokers/agents, MGAs, insurers, re-insurers, claims management companies, and technology & distribution platforms, to create a service that combines high level consultancy and IT implementation skills to deliver a compelling solution to the insurance market. Our service is cost effective and backed by a successful track record. We add innovation capabilities, labs and learning to insurance organizations.

    • Personalization & Data: We develop analytics strategies and capabilities that help insurance companies to leverage data to attract, retain and service clients and producers; develop new products; assess and mitigate risks; set rates; process claims; and manage financial performance.
    • Blockchain Technology: We design blockchain adoption strategy that helps insurers to reduce administration costs that come with reviewing claims and checking payments made by third parties - and ensuring that all this information is shared, fraud-protected, and easily verified.
    • Digital transformation: We help insurance companies to manage their digital transitions from paper trails to online-only by developing the technology infrastructure they need to increase customer satisfaction.
    • Human intellectual capital: We also help insurers to acquire talented and technically skilled staff. Skilled manpower is the key enabler when it comes to achieving the levels of customer satisfaction that insurers are striving for. After all, happy, experienced employees lead to happy, loyal consumers, and in turn, brighter long-term prospects for businesses. 


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