Banking Consultancy

The market and regulatory landscape for retail and commercial banks are dealing with economic uncertainties, restrictive regulations, intense competition, technology-driven disruptions, and overhauling legacy processes to meet changing customer needs.

Apart from these institutions being buoyed by positive revenue momentums, improved performance & better Return on Equity, they also have to focus on sustainable growth measures.

Coretra Limited has helped banking & financial services to adopt alternative operating models and evaluate emerging technologies to achieve a wide range of benefits.

How we help

We help banks to become digital versions of themselves and rise above the tide of disruption - new, innovative challengers and advanced technologies that are changing market structure and taking bites out of revenues.

    • Modernize key banking operations:  We help in designing strategies that will continuously and aggressively focus on digitization and the adoption of new technologies to bring in operational efficiency, enhance speed-to-market, and deliver superior customer experiences. There’s a dire need for banks to cut down spends on branches to invest in self-service digital channels like mobile and online banking since they have become popular among customers.
    • Turn mobile banking experience into social: We help banking providers to embrace full digitization when giving customers a completely paperless experience with self-service capabilities in the mobile channel before they can serve them with end-to-end in terms of onboarding and servicing.
    • Reinvent payment and credit models: Financial Institutions turn to us to help provide pragmatic support in aligning their business and people toward a common goal. Our task in this space involves the definition and implementation of target operating models, guidance on the role of technology within banking businesses, development and alignment of incentive mechanisms for front-line staff, and unlocking of opportunities for performance improvement as business models evolve.
    • Data-driven insights: We help banks in ramping up their use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their efforts to attract and retain customers, increase customer engagement, and improve the overall customer experience. A growing number of banks are finding that today’s advanced analytics and data intelligence capabilities can give them deeper insight into their customers’ behaviors and expectations. Armed with this understanding, they are able to do a better job developing products and services that address their customers’ needs and deliver these in a way that reinforces customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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