I graduated with a collaborative Ph.D. in Environmental Economics from the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and Vrije University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2018. Previously, I had undertaken both my undergraduate (B.A. in Economics, 1999) and post-graduate studies (M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship, 2003) at Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya. Over the last 7 years of my career, I have gained considerable knowledge and experience in both leadership and in applied research focusing on agriculture, environment and rural development.

Currently, I am a Research Fellow at the Environment for development Initiative-Kenya where my work focuses on conducting relevant research, reviewing and analyzing relevant country, regional and global policy documents; engaging relevant stakeholders in government and private sector and; implementing capacity building activities on a wide range of issues in agriculture, environment and rural development As a lecturer at Moi University, I have headed the Department of Natural Resources where I was tasked with: general management and coordination of the departmental staff in teaching and research; exercising oversight over departmental finances and; meeting the set performance contracting and quality standards of the university. Moreover, I have taught numerous courses including microeconomics, development economics, environmental economics, natural resource economics, research methods, statistics, and econometrics.

I have also worked as a consultant economist for several agencies and organizations like the Ministry of Agriculture (GoK) under the university team of experts, Kenya Wildlife Service, Batmen Engineering Associates, and Pwani University/KALRO among others. In these consultancies, my work focused on conducting: cost-benefit analysis for water dams; feasibility studies for smallholder water and irrigation projects; agricultural markets and value chains analysis, or; designing economic evaluation tools for biogas technologies and forest water catchments.
As well, I have knowledge and skills in economic impact evaluation from J-Pal and AERC including the development and implementation of impact evaluation methodology - conducting desk reviews/research, preparing inception reports, conducting field missions, and finally, drafting impact evaluation reports.


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Good consultants bring years of specialized expertise in their field, combined with a perspective of having worked on similar assignments at other firms. We look at every assignment with fresh eyes and make an unpopular recommendation (backed with data) that would have been political suicide for anyone in the organization to suggest it.


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