Elizabeth started her career working for the Government of Kenya as a Social Development Officer for 10 years in various districts and disciplines. Since then, Elizabeth has built her expertise working for different organizations in both long term and short-term assignments. In particular, while working for an international NGO, FARM Africa, and recently for a consultancy firm, Acacia Consultants, she was exposed to a broad spectrum of development issues including Health, Water, Agriculture & Environment. She has experience working for a variety of funding and development agencies, including USAID, Tearfund, ICCO, OFDA-USAID, ITDG, SNV-Kenya, and Christian Aid in areas of institution & capacity building.

Elizabeth is an experienced consultant with a proven high level of professionalism and integrity, good research, analytical and problem-solving skills, including the ability to identify and participate in the resolution of issues/problems. Good communication skills (written and oral), including the ability to prepare succinct reports, guidelines, and other tools to articulate ideas in a clear and concise manner.


Why would you want to hire Coretra Ltd consultants?

Good consultants bring years of specialized expertise in their field, combined with a perspective of having worked on similar assignments at other firms. We look at every assignment with fresh eyes and make an unpopular recommendation (backed with data) that would have been political suicide for anyone in the organization to suggest it.


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